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Friday Oct 20 2017 01:10AM ET
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  Ching Ch'ing, a Chinese Ch'an master, asked a monk:
-What is the sound outside?
The monk answered:
-That is the sound of rain.
The master said:
-Sentient beings are upside down, they lose themselves in pursuit of things.
The... continue...

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vertical line Posted on Aug.07.2012 @ 11:29PM EDT by genericzen

rave is just as much a dance as zen, they are all equivalent, every
way of life is just a variation of a dance and every phenomena invokes
its reflection, i dont have to be any way to be accepted i dont have
to be insulted by slurs, they try to shepherd us on, this spiral
tribe, using our psychologies against us, to keep us from reality from
full consciousness and lucidness, using sex as a weapon, they dont
even realize it, they limit themselves and us, because all
consciousness is effected by another because its all whole . the
healing slowly forms, magical, the feng shui of words, the process
would create its own remedy in its reflection and the afflicted would
be inspired and able to bridge it into creation. thus healing the
spiral, names fade away, they were not real, they were just ghosts, it
was just a dream. i didnt perform for them, didnt want them to perform
for me, didnt want to live in some world of videos controlling
everything, a world of programming, thats what they wanted to do,
align it so it seemed like it all came out of videos first, and
movies, and men, and we'd base ourselves on that and it would be all
messed up, no i'm not like that

the cult of these forums, seemed devoid of true philosophy, they tried
to kick me out of the world, repress me totally for just being open
minded in a place that was pretty open to that, just moderators felt
the need to make it all shamanic and needing huge physical response. i
thought my ideas were genius and not dangerous at all, in fact they
had been touched on by many other writers, beatniks, dischordians,
peaceful anarchists like gary snyder and random internet folk, and it
was a good time, the world then seemed dynamic and real, but i
mentioned wanti i guess, it wasnt even that, it was just that i posted
on a forum about psychedelics, which i guess was a kind of trap, and
they began to repress it all and try to drain a lot of it away, a lot
less books for example are available online now, and its a lot harder
to find that kind of meta thinking, that stemmed from question
everything think for yourself, true perhaps its not thinking for
ourselves if we read it, but really in a way it is, because everyone
is this consciousness, and thats really the key to the entire thing,
they try to convince you that to think like that is automatically
manipulative and abusive but actually its a very healthy and whole way
to think, so we can feel the laws of the universe itself and not just
hearsay of things someone tries to force upon us when we are in an
impressionable impulsive state or something, because thats really what
its all become recently, and its so sad, the revolutionary discourse
isn't really doing anything, its not saying anything, its not thought
provoking, it feels like it all revolves around me

all this sex around us didnt mean anything, it wasnt true love, they
were like wanting me to prove something with it but idunno, they went
so far as to totally imitate our love i guess well almost, in name, or
maybe i just infered that, but it just seemed like fascism, like they
were trying to force you to add them on, and join their group, never
leave you alone to really be able to free yourself, and help others by
leaving note or something, liberation provoking thoughts, not just
calls to blind rebellion mentioning the same old conspiracy stuff.

who caused it? they were all psychic, teasing me, not admitting it,
everyone, it was a huge joke, thats what it seemed like. it was a huge
joke, it was real confrontation though, for things that didn't deserve
that kind of thing, enforced dumbing down ness, but inside of us we
find the amanita of sorts, we can keep it building up, but if no one
else does it, and it seems like everyone just wants to take it away
from you or censor it, its not as good as when people are all making
their own and sharing it, instead, i got a huge symbol that basically

D: anarchist specifically d rock city

they devoted a video to me, and put a bunch of drawings in it

it was very chaotic, don't write meditative things, dont record the
satoris, dont play the music, just take these videos giving you labels
we've given you and yeah be happy, sex

i just didn't understand why they were acting like the government was
so harsh, when they weren't, they were the cause of their own
suppression for the large extent, or maybe it was some organized
force, not aligned with government, but still one that wanted there to
be less brilliant thought for some reason?

thats the kind of thing the church does, the organized faith, they try
to repress others, they repress the new and bring back the tradition
that makes no sense to practice
and act like the new is so horrible
we was banned from the local jcc and forcibly removed during a
festival, where i sat meditating, and danced, i guess because i had
walked in and said that everything is God a few days before...

all of them just watched me on the internet and judged and i mean
there was nothing really terrible happening, just some things that
were kind of private... but they just revelled in speaking it out in
the streets focusing only on that, not caring about any of the good,
not seeing it as good i guess.

judging me so heavily for it, trying to take words literally and be so
perfect but it was always built to spill, i couldn't always think and
do things like that, i could not really fully relax. "destress
yourself," my name is d so its kind of a wierd thought invoked, loving
kindness, i never really cared so heavily about names, but that made
me care less, but they did a lot, i did care about feelings, but they
honored name more than feeling. tradition more than actual spirit,

i didnt care, i just fell random places in their name word game to be
perfect with words, and they would inevitably use it as an excuse to
carry out all i say, or at least all i said that interested them to
carry out, basically the things which were not really helpful ignoring
the things that would really liberate, until it was all just so
monolithic, and i didnt always say good things, i cant help not being
perfect, why be so attached to words then, theres gotta be more

why cant i find that plane of conversation with others, some are able
to, it seems, even if it seems they speak on normal things it flows
with a cadence thats whats in their heart to speak, but for me its
hard to find that with anyone except flo, thats why we are truly in
love this spirit surrounding us is wierd we dont know why thats
attracted to us, maybe its because of.. folks who are trying to just
be words, but idunno, we just dont know how to stop it, we are just
us, i need my glasses back
i need to be able to see, to walk away, its hard dealing with beauracracy
they think its all rebellion, its so cartoonish
i just remember real meditation, im not really a part of this culture,
they try to suck you in
and really enslave you, but thats not me its these folks and they want
to take freedom away it seems

its like they want to make a false her
but it just kind of is irritating, it makes people think its something
its not, they dont understand why im doing things...
they think its like some kind of game with someone i know, but its
not, they are trying to like simulate her anger and stuff and her
but thats not her, its something fake like they needed to write that
into the computer

and they keep throwing out this native american thing in a wierd way,
its like a huge cult that wants to make drama about things that aren't
there, that they cause for themselves, and they want me to be part of
that, but i see them physically doing it, i dont think thats really
divine, thats just following a form of government, they constantly
wanna move the setting to places like georgia germany australia africa
places that remind me of slavery and thats what it is (not that if
they just did it everyone once in a while it would be wierd but thats
like all they do), the spirit of
slavery. all of them though even parents, none of them were able to
break from it to give it a different aesthetic, thats what we
dedicated our life to, but the devotion of these many who were for it,
seemed to be strong too, they always did it in a way that was
androgynous but it was there, and sometimes you just had to relax into
it, because you had to relax... but you didnt support it, theyde try
to say it meant that though, because you slipped for a second, but it
didn't matter
maybe all we had to do was talk about the union more... maybe, it
seemed like it was like that...

but really its just the computer programmer people, the video maker
people, this whole movement of this kind of idea that you manipulate
reality like that, its gotta stop, its not going in a good direction,
its so dumbed down, treats people like we are so stupid...

and doesnt let much of anything real get out there...

its like maybe thats what einstein meant when he said 10 percent of
rain capacity but if thats how it was then, and those were better,
this is like 3% that we are expected to be at and tried to keep at...

what is it about? this is not flourishing, the free thinkers, help
everyone so much, why should they be boxed out everyone has to seem
dumb and conformist, such a waste... or is it real? is facism that
real, and kind of sneaky?
wow... i don't know what to do, maybe i really do need more stealth, i
dont know...

its like this is the schizophrenia, shaman ritual

they pretend its my brain going away, but really they just put that
much resources into there not being anything available out there...

that doesnt seem real, who is it coming from? is it really reptilians?
i mean i'm not prone to that kind of thinking but maybe so maybe its
the whole kundalini idea just the way they present it and pass it on
to people, maybe its not really the true way, maybe its supposed to
happen different each time, be called something different etc...

because they dont want me to suffer i guess, but i suffer more like this...
because they want to keep giving me money, but its just that...
if they money is the cause of this, if everyone around you has to be
stupid, and you also
then i dont know if i can take it, would they stop if i stopped taking
it, would life restore to the world...
i somehow think it would...
maybe it was just a healing thing, just to encourage people to really live...

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vertical line One long run on sentence??
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Reply from Joe Chip
05:28AM EDT 
vertical line Stream of consciousness.

Rave on thy Holy Fool.
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Reply from starduster
06:28AM EDT 
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Took a couple of speed reading courses.  Yay !!

They are finally paying off.

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Reply from Joe Chip
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vertical line Upaya.
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