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Saturday Oct 21 2017 05:11PM ET
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  At Savatthi. Then the Venerable Suradha approached the Buddha...and said to him:

"Venerable sir, how should one know, how should one see so that, in regard to this body
with consciousness and in regard to all external signs, the... continue...

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vertical line Posted on Sep.08.2012 @ 12:47PM EDT by genericzen

theres preachers and then theres shamans, the difference is a shaman
can live among life and see the beauty of it, yet still has a deep
message, and builds a vision with those open around them, just
naturally as part of who they are, a preacher rejects life, usually
chooses one mode of philosophy, and they try to stop  to speak of the
divine instead of melding it in with all thats going on, i am a
shaman, in shamanism there are some tricks that try to make you more
preachery, like they have the idea if you read stories about it that
its something incredibly special and the spirits will come to you and
try to kill you, and all the world revolves around you, this isn't
really true shamanism, shamans are a lot more common than you might
imagine, its more of a spirit that comes upon someone, than an
organized method of being with specific tools and things like that. a
shaman just adds their perceptions and visions to everyone elses,
usually in cultures where there are many shamans, its not like  a deal
where there is one shaman and everyone else has to go to them, maybe
thats how it was in some older tribal cultures, but for example in
native american spirituality, its noted that its moreso animism than
shamanism, and the people called shaman in the context of those
cultures are more like priests of a nature faith, but always shamans
usually dont call themselves that 'shaman', they just help to create
good vibes and life experiences, they go beyond hierarchies, social
circles, are open minded and have some wisdom, but the portrayal  in
recent books of a shaman having everything centered around them and
having a traditional story life almost is not truly shamanic,
situations like that actually repress shamanism and turn it more into
a caricature stereotype. shamans help the dreams come through to the
world, and new ideas be born and new things but its not something you
train to do, its just a manner of being, a shaman is just your friend
who helps you while life is happening, someone living in the flow,
with their inner magic opened, living with imagination, tasting all of
life, but not being bound by any of it in a preconcieved image. its
like jimi hendrix in bold as love, its shamanic because he sings of
all the colors but in the end all of the emotions (colors) hold him
back from giving his life to a rainbow, similar in that most shamans
might look into the philosophies of the traditional preconcieved image
but feel that a deeper spirit of that manifests in them before they
can attain that image fully. like they may read about religions and
feel like to really be a good person they can't practice them fully,
instead they are inspired by the basic qualities of goodness those
religions imply, but perhaps dont live up to fully. So a shaman would
try to live those instead of literally emulating religious texts and
doctrines, by the spirit of what faith means to them they are pulled
away from how religions are traditionally formed, but it is all the
spirit,  it could be argued that those who literally follow religions
make idols but those who are less about specific quotes  and stuff are
not bound by trying to follow a rulebook and can manifest a good
spirit in the living world more easily by freely just working with
general living ideas of spirit and being a good person than a specific
God/Goddess or a specific ritual about that Goddess/God that tries to
encompass everything. Its like a shaman lives in the vision as alive
right now with them a part of it, and has no set map of what they are
supposed to do but react consciously to each situation, in
conversation with their higher spirit, or with Spirit. A preacher
lives seperated from the vision as if it has already happened long
ago, and instead of reacting to situations that they come across in
present tense they just follow their scripture exactly on every issue.
a shaman is like an angelic spirit that comes to someone in the
present, outside of any specific system, dynamic, with all possible
perceptions of existence. A preacher is like literally the spirit of
book that works believing the world conforms to their system and
rejects other perceptions, a preacher tries to force a shaman to come
through a book but they dont really achieve that because they exclude
the outside world and just become attached to names which limit them
from being able to relate at a universal level.

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Reply from Joe Chip
02:06PM EDT 
vertical line Sermonise.

'To be is to be related'

The dead are as lively as ever.
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Reply from simple
03:25PM EDT 
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vertical line www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy2es7lBpPE
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Reply from starduster
05:11AM EDT 
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I was recently telling someone that I used to consider myself a Shaman, but it is only since awakening that I have felt a connection, communication, with other animals.

I recounted a time when I was sitting in my unfinished furniture store in an industrial park, with the doors open on a nice day, when I saw a humming bird flying by.  The bird saw me too, flew into my store and hovered three or four feet in front of me, and began chattering away exitedly.  I didnt even know humming birds could talk, but it was clear the bird was trying to alert me to something.  Then it flew off, and I said, *Thank you* as it departed.

Then I got up out of my chair and went to the door of my shop to see if I could find out what the bird was talking about.  Just as I got to the door, several cop cars with their lights flashing pulled up to the store next door, and the cops got out with their guns drawn.  I got back into my own store, and drew my own gun in case someone ran in there to escape them.

Whatever I have thought myself to be, which has continually changed over the last 40 years in this racket, my life, or my perception of it, has continually become deeper, wider, and richer for it.  I guess thats why I keep coming back for more.

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