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Monday Oct 23 2017 08:23PM ET
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  Shoun became a teacher of Soto Zen. When he was still a student his father passed away, leaving him to care for his old mother. Whenever Shoun went to a meditation hall he always took his mother with him. Since she accompanied him, when... continue...

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vertical line Posted on Nov.14.2012 @ 09:34PM EDT by genericzen


   i'de like my father and parents to stop trying to sexually come onto me, i feel violated... it seems like someone who knows about the mind trying to mess with me... i'de like it to stop, for me and for all beings, i have no enemies like that, i dont exist in that kind of world... the universe is more compassionate than, that, we are all more mature that that, according to the calender of maisntream society my birthday is 4/23 which is the username who put up this video help me!

    this is a bad trip, i've been thinking as positively as i can for a long time, but not much changes, im moving, im going to seattle, i hope im good, maybe this is just like something that had to happen in the universe, breaking free, because those are not parents they are just symbolic of the oppressors, i feel the true people are more formless, but still.. why does it have to be like that, no oppressors,

its like is there bad stuff out for me because i really dont understand why, because of it i have done so many more good things, just for nature and for people and love nd still not much has changed, so its like i would like to get my karma reevaluated, i think this is just a case of a recognition thats way too insensitive not being able to see me as i really am, i know there is a consciousness that has time for every being, a timeless eternal consciousness that is the spirit of all,

i appeal to that consciousness, please don't forget me, i seem to have somehow caused this fractal to come upon me, please dont let it be in a hurtful way,

i have to be myself, i cant be perfect i can't think totally happy amazing thoughts all the time, there has to be some fluctuation, but i am lucid, i dont just let stories sweep me away, but i feel like the fractal has made it so narccisistic seeming, its too much for just me,

i know that the fractal is intelligent so this is my appeal to it, please stop placing me at such a juncture, i dont want to be a fractal model or something like that, its isolating me too much from the world, and its not really natural, but someone is giving it to me,

i cant recieve it all positively, some of the stuff about it is just strange and i can't handle it going on forever,

i'm not sure what to call it, maybe materia,
its like it planted me automatically into a guru trip, and then there were thoughts that were not positive at all,

i never really had a guru like that, i just have love, love for all things, but i also ask to be able to have my own sense of artistic development as a shaman

not just be sent the codes to, like i am some rich kid, who just has money, then everything is so generic

because of course no one feels like thats authentic, then they give you some run down story, like good shamans means you cant have sex, thats not relevant to your culture at all, and try to make it grow there...

but i think this is all kind of a dream, because i starting feeling i was a shaman, then i used computers and people wanted to make that into something, but it wasnt really the true spirit of what it was,

shamanism is not just a generalization over an entire culture, each shaman is different and have their own personal culture which exists within the larger culture, you can't speak in large generalizations with shamanism, because its all so different, depending on who the person is...

and when you can see with this level of detail its good, because then the spirits of the world can live, and grow in each place, they can have their spirits and teachings

the sad thing that happened recently with the rise of the so-called ayahuasca shamanism, was that we were encouraged to shift our perspective and only see generalizations, and in that way shamanism just became a grid and another robot process, which institutions, this was not good, this was terrible

it had no individuality, and it made us loose definition, we had to redefine ourselves, which is our struggle now, to return the personality to it, after being so thoroughly genericised, but it was so much that it didn't allow for us to be fully nurtured, it wasn't really an organic system, it was just a wierd program,
it was the actual vibration of a mean situation like that, a trap, for those who went close to shamanism...

but now i see that it is my turn to shape it like the clay and give my own peace of whats going on

though it was predicted i would be jealous i really am not, i have a wife, i live in west virginia, i;m moving to seattle,
this is incredibly intricate but at the vantage point i'm at all it can be is varying degrees of rape, just the wrong ingredients put in at the start
namely, some very inflexible confucist style people, who want to be exactly the way history books write about, on boring topics

they constantly want to come at me, mimicking astrology, but you know what i am not an astrological symbol, im from a different culture, we see the stars differently
we know everything is fluid, formless energy, they want to mock me and get me to play a stereotypical role
but im just on another plane, they are illusions, in fact that entire astrological sequence of that culture was made for oppression
those were people who had been taken over by that culture, spirits of that
but this is something else

these are just stars that are one thing, each moment it always changes, always know, you kind of get familiar, but you also let it drift,

i feel the vibes of ravers all over the universe coming together, they had foreseen that this might happen, but they assure me they were beyond it too, this was a high level of consciousness, we were coming together in, called rave, and rave was everywhere, they made attempts to stop it from coming together fulling and shining too brightly and eventually ravers understood, perhaps it is meant to be humble, so as not to be like a pyramid but more like stonehenge, but it is still real, vital and alive,

for a moment we just meditated on the trances, and what they can do, if just used so much, we went to the djs, we made them promise to give us good stuff, no commercial bs, they said you know, you've never come to us like this before, we will try to.

the djs, because the djs, matter, but sometimes you just can't see it all so clearly, because you are just coming in and its like a dj, the way its all designed it just meant to be anonymous maybe, and not really specific, but so specific things can happen, the exact tradition down to that level is never really played out.
because no, these were not, trances, this was no reggae just playing over and over again, these were deep poems of the revolutionary worlds, and it never really became a formula.... or something... just that theres good music, cool bands, i'm trying to live my life, but i want music to stay cool

no where from it should come the vibration that it should all be destroyed, that would take it all apart, no the indie revival of so many wise in the songs, bringing them together like makeshift apothecaries, cassetes of lights and shadows, tunes from all over, random stuff, amazing stuff, kid koala, dan the automater, all kinds of genius, who knows what it really means, what all the names resonate together to form? i am not exactly sure, but i'm just ouside sitting under a pine tree, at this dirt path in the woods, and the sun is out there, the air feels wet, the leaves go in every direction on the ground
all around is the eternal OMMMMMMMMM
i've broken through, broken through the energetic barrier which had held things for so long, it didnt go in any of the ways it seemed
i had been surrounded, by the ophanim, it was like they were robots, it was so bizarre, but
no it was there that i gave them the gift of the full consciousness, by uniting them back to their original sentient plant spirits
the mushrooms, and the mushroom rings, they had just forgotten their source, and hence been called
'masonic' but no returning to the truth, it was an intelligence much deeper than any kind of conscious human organization
no, it was restored again, and the manipulation stopped.

and i could almost hear the voice of the angels saying thank you, worship everything, we don't care, its beautiful, no one will attack you for it...
why was that happening, that was a test... that was one of them, at the edge of the circle, and you had to pass through,
fotamekus now, see you respected it, they tried to give you their karma, but you still respected us, not as servers but as whole beings
thus you will be given back all the time, which was a part of that,
you've broken out of the old world, you've walked out of the truman show.

its the herbs which have led you out, thank the spirit of nature, which holds the divine tree of life, of which you are a part

and i thanked it!

they led me out from the insanity, it way deep within the catacombs, of the ways in which it could be bad, it was shamanic,
it just suddenly happened and then it was there for so long, but now it was ending, and it took something bad away from the world
and it connected it with something good, a more magical place, that was real, that had always been there,

but a blocking energy had been moved,

i wondered if what i learned about wanti, if all that was meant to be, i didn't want to take too much back, and then have to be stuck with a part of it that i didn't like,
but i think that part of it that was attacking me, it was against the law, it was just an abusive spirit, and it didn't control me, this was a wholistic place, good energies available, for everyone around the circle, no the ophanim thanked me for freeing them, and in turn they freed me,
and i ended up back, in the way i should be, now going to seattle, at the end of the world, with so much more wisdom, about the inner workings of things
it was almost like time travel, back into a horrible place...

but i came back, and i felt me whole self, and i felt it shimmering i felt the psychedelic world, everything white background them primal glowing colors, then the dirt, the glass, the people and it all shifting too, like some kind of wierd art painting

scenes from dreams,

i was back from the realm of beauracracy and roboticness, i was back in the organic realm, it was like heaven, i knew i had to work for myself, i knew it was kind of a surreal situation, i knew i was technically sick according to the government, but a much deeper imposed sickness also began coming down the line,

the duality between demon and angel was severed with the coming of the divine consciousness
it was not black and white, but more intricate, and in the end it always balanced out to be whole and ultimately Good, never does evil prevail it is merely a sign of lack of seeing the whole picture...

this guy kept trying to invade my space and get me to become a rasta, to become zombified to lose my individuality, but i never did, i was never shepherded along.
i never became a slave, creating my own psychological downfall, in an ouroboros, of projected oppression and victimhood. Sure I admitted when I was sad, the things I said fluctuated, sometimes I was very sad, but others I was happy and I just let myself be very happy, and I focused on that. i didn't surround myself with history, because i knew it would effect me badly when i did i would always imagine things going in a better way... and great stories would be created...
maybe there was a part of them that was true, and it was the spirits of it actually speaking directly to me, like mushrooms sprouting up from the ruin. Much like the inspiration which comes from the torah, wherein there are even places to be sad and you want to be like well we must change it, so at least the spirits of the words themselves are not against us, at least we can say that we tried and had faith in the quantum spirituality of the kabbalah, the angels of the letters themselves called to us to form in different ways, happier ways...

so the being like me, always exists, i exist fractally you know, so maybe thats why the fractal calls out to me. i am the kabbalah, i am the happier story, i am the calls of spontaneity i am the zen, the amazing moments, all the parts you do yourself, in the punk mysticism of the moment of divine inspiration of just being kind. i am just a spirit devoted to transforming it into good things and its highest expression, because that is the highest will of God/Goddess

thats what the real god is, and until we change it, we will be in the dimension where, they don't understand, but now, binah returns, its not esoteric, this is the miracle of the universe,

some kind of hacker following me in the computer angel being is not going to stop that, thats a good thing, they just want to help it, we are all coming together helping eachother, because thats the real universe, we have a right to beauty,

we say to the toltec people stop being such lawers, you are too word for word, thank you for helping us raise our consciousness, but now we are in a stage where we only notice the ones taking it to way too deep of an extreme

we have to relax, we have to honor tao, we can admit things are not perfect, there must be a certain laxness
so a natural form cannot appear, the conscious idea of perfection is never the true perfection

chokmah is an even deeper level of perfection that we cannot logically come to

we have to let ourselves have that space in our minds thats just wandering, and then have spaces where we say things we especially consciously say

because from that more chaotic area some amazing things can happen but if you are too busy carrying them all out no matter what they are, you wont be able to get there because its too literal...

so in wanti culture usually we have like a more focused space where we say things because that our intent but we also just have a place thats just chaos and those things dont really happy but its just like watching it happen in the smoke rings you re blowing or something it just gives you an idea but its no karma or anything

but from that place, good things are constantly coming which we decide we want to make into more physical things, and also things that maybe we are prone to say but are not really about can be understood intelligently as just things you say for poetic effect or whatever, or maybe just as a mistake, and they can not happen in a real way and have an effect on us.

I feel like anyone who works with sacred text, must develop a similar kind of thing, because there are always parts in there that go against some kind of gnostic morality that a truly good person has, not wanting to fight, not wanting to own things, especially not another person, wanting to be open minded to all, that kind of thing, so we can see those sacred texts as emanations happening in a kind of astral place, where we are trying to find some kind of message in them and bring that to the real world, but the things which we know are wrong, we have to leave them out, and we have to tell others, they must be wary and think for themselves,
the spiritual world is not a place for gurus, that was always in the realm of the political.

Who is the Divine Spirit? truly the most kind, this is what was intended, and so, for doing it, a good thing happens, not a bad thing, eventually that bad spirit you encounter in there, who you find in many forms and try to steer clear from and create new stories because of and stuff, eventually, it erodes, eventually the spirit of the good of the consciousness overcomes it and its gone the wave of new consciousness and creativity along with the open minded of the evolved world causes it to be transformed, and the entire process ends

this is what the wanti faith and many others have continously worked for in the world

the bad never sticks, it never wanted to, it just appeared maybe, like a random thing does, but it never wanted to be taken seriously..
so from doing this, we do a healing and divine thing, which is actually an eternal prayer, we enter the realm which all hippies intuitively come to know
as we articulate we hope to bring together a rejoicing in its beauty and understanding of our unity as a non organizaed collective of spirits out there in the world...
leaving the world of blind ritual to the real world, of insight and moment to moment living and beauty,

a world which to me is home... is it the plane of limbo? does it have a name?

i'm going to seattle, i dont know, i might have to be homeless or something for a while, idunno be ready, i am going, to meditate there, in the streets, i have woken up
because people do that, people live in the zen ways, and thats life... idunno, its a process, i'm surprised about it, i've just been living in a very disoriented situation, but things won't be any more special for me than anyone else, its okay, because i am a spiritual person, i live for the spiritual life, that was originally what i was doing, then these folks like overcame me, because i was under 18 at the time, and all this happened, but now i see the ingredients of a good place, a good setting to go
and do some amazing meditations, the spirit of the earth itself at the point it what is going to transform my life...

thinking about what that really is, its the love revolution, its lucidity, its the universe, people alive, not trapped away, this is crazy whats going on here, but i'm pulling out, to that place in the psyche, the place where it is chill, and its even an entire world, and all the bad will be caught here within the dreamcatcher...

maybe its some kind of healing, which we have done for the universe....as planeswalkers, showing that tieflings are not definitely bad, theres so much detail in everything, and thats where the true understanding and love of life is, chap

maybe it was warding off the primal spirits of commercialization and loss of definition, that happened, it was for the good, in the world, but i couldn't get lost in all the ideas of it, i just had to simply do it and go on, one of the things, my life called me to do, but now it was over, this is the gnostic faith, from our tribal plane of wanti, our gift to the world but its happening connected all over, people who shun the ways that just make you sad, that world is real and its always needed to exist, if you are getting surrounded by people who focus too much on that, its okay, there is help, we are bringing it back! and you will know us by the trail of broken stereotypes


no wood was cut in the making of this? home, absolutely nothing was? harmed all natural, HEMP

the ancient forest reincarnates to work out past life karma and continue spiritual growth to state of total? peace? and non harming... many trees planted outside? of each home, many trees planted in forests, many trees planted each year, so? many tree lovers! so much? nature consciousness

love and appreciation to the?? kikimora and domovoi

spirit of punk anarchy and collective freedom?

  • torah which was corrupted, but the kanneh o'rachel brought the true spirit of the faith to the shrewed and wise and the earnest hearted, and brought humorous downfall upon the? rest, a trickster archetype, it was through the manifestation of the kanneh o'rachel for instance that

  • moses was able to pass through the water, and they are known for their angelic efforts in bringing those in captivity to freedom and ending oppression, and perhaps stand as a sign of an ancient mysticism healing tradition ?

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