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Wednesday Apr 08 2020 09:10PM ET
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  Let me tell you about the middle path.

Dressing in rough and dirty garments, letting your hair grow matted,
abstaining from eating any meat or fish, does not clean the one who is deluded.
Mortifying the flesh through excessive... continue...

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1. Dr. G.P. Malalasekera, founder of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) honoured at its 29th General Conference in Narita, Japan
Narita, Japan -- A brief talk on Dr. G.P. Malalasekera, founder of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) was delivered on November 8, 2018 by Mr. Senaka Weeraratna (Hony. Secretary,German Dharmaduta Society) at the First Plenary Session of the 29th General Conference of the WFB, held at Narita, Japan from Nov. 7-9, 2018.

2. Scandal-plagued South Korea Buddhist order elects new leader
3. 5W1H + Mindfulness: Is this the future of journalism?
4. Mindfulness Journalism and need for an Asian Buddhist Social Media Network
5. Spiritual Tea Breaks: The interviews with Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda from June 2001 to February 2002
6. K. Sri Dhammananda, His Legacy Lives On Exhibition
7. Purging the Buddhist Clergy Away From Money
8. Buddhist monk master in China resigns after sexual misconduct allegations
9. Obesity among Thai Buddhist monks is a cause for concern
10. Candles and chanting as cave boys' ordination begins
11. A Deeper Look Into Japanese Zen Buddhist Thought and Practice
12. The ‘King’ of Shambhala Buddhism Is Undone by Abuse Report
13. Stop Separating Immigrant Families - Statement by 200 Buddhist Leaders
14. Wesak Special: Malaya's first Buddhist association
15. Thai Buddhist monks' health suffering from sugary drinks
16. Visakha Bucha Buddhist holiday brings alcohol ban to Phuket
17. Buddhists advised not to release animals for Vesak
18. Who blundered Vesak Poya day?
19. Vesak Day famtrip seeks to promote Borobudur temple


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