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Saturday Aug 30 2014 04:28AM ET
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  A monk who had studied under the Zen master Kassan for a period of time.
Then he left him to go to many other places for more Zen enquiry.
However, he could not find any place that fitted him.
Furthermore, at any place visited,... continue...

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Here are 4 sources of 24-hour news feeds of buddism and zen news around the world.
[ buddhist channel ] [ topix net ] [ google ]

1. Ananda Guruge: Chronicler of the Buddhist revival
2. Trans*Buddhism, an interview with the creators of transbuddhists.org
3. Thousands of Bhutan's poorest children living and studying in monasteries can now report any mistreatment or abuse
4. Zen and the Alexandria Open Meditation Group
5. Buddhist monks here on Sacred Tibetan Arts Tour made stir on social media
6. Buddhist temple in Long Ditton holds UK-first lantern ceremony
7. Buddhist dining in unexpected places
8. The Shape Of A Buddhist Singing Bowl Has Inspired A More Efficient Solar Panel
9. Archaeologists Unearth Remains of Buddhist Stupa at Bhimeswara Temple
10. Meditation Isn't Enough: A Buddhist Perspective on Suicide
11. Buddhist religious ceremony for 5 victims of MH17 tragedy
12. Special Memorial Puja to Transfer Merits to Dr. Ananda Guruge at London Buddhist Vihara
13. Nepal should make separate Buddhist circuit
14. Plans move forward for Buddhist cafe in Brighton East despite two objections
15. Keeping Buddhist Traditions Alive
16. Strikingly serene: Buddhist art
17. Priestly pair set out to boost ‘Buddhism 3.0' across Japan
18. Buddhist monks honor memory of Harold Ramis
19. Lejeune Buddhist Sangha group meets a local hospital


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