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Wednesday Nov 25 2015 09:18AM ET
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  A monk who had studied under the Zen master Kassan for a period of time.
Then he left him to go to many other places for more Zen enquiry.
However, he could not find any place that fitted him.
Furthermore, at any place visited,... continue...

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1. Dalai Lama: Stop Praying for Paris - Humans Created This Problem and Humans Must Solve It
2. Buddhist nuns set to become first generation of 'dons'
3. Monk of Banned Buddhist Church Reaffirms Commitment to Democracy in Vietnam
4. Burmese Public Dismisses Buddhist Nationalism With a Ballot
5. Most Ven. Thirikunamale Ananda Mahanayaka Thera attends Kathina Pinkama at Berlin Vihara
6. 7 minutes of this Loving Kindness Meditation can reduce racism
7. What Makes a Buddhist a Buddhist?
8. Beautiful Photos on Display Reveal Secret Tantric Buddhist Temple
9. Death Of Popular Buddhist Monk Draws Attention to Failing “Revolution”
10. Thousands Attend State Funeral of Dissident Buddhist Monk in Sri Lanka
11. Buddhists in Tripura celebrating 'Kathin Chibor Dan' pay tribute to France terror victims
12. Pakistan’s Gandhara ruins to receive Korea’s Buddhists
13. Buddhist statue attracts scrums of fans with its ‘Goromaru-style’ rugby pose
14. Buddhism deeply entrenched in Jalandhar’s secular fabric, say experts at convocation
15. Reclusive Heinz heir's Buddhist school to close
16. Buddhist Monks Share Artistry At Augie
17. Nip unholy hate speech in the bud
18. Buddhist community celebrates opening of Halifax temple


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