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Wednesday Oct 01 2014 06:18AM ET
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  Ta-mei Fa-chang (752-839) was a Chinese Ch'an master. After he got awakened under
the Great master Ma-tsu Tao-i (709-788), he went to the Ta-mei mountain and resided there.
One day there was a traveling monk who got lost in the Ta-mei... continue...

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1. Buddhism and Christianity

Many visitors in the West that go to Buddhist temples are in fact not Buddhists. It's the simple curiosity of what Buddhism is, what Buddhist actually do, and what do they believe in that ignites people's curiosity to take action.

2. Tibet's digital diaspora

You might think that a religion as ancient as Tibetan Buddhism only lives in books and scrolls and faraway lands. But one Dalhousie professor says that that's not the case.

3. Can Sam Harris Wake Us Up?

Most of us recognized ourselves in the mirror this morning. The person looking back at us has a familiar name, a family, a job.

4. Conclave push to Buddhist tourism

A three-day convention kicked off at Bodhgaya on Thursday to expand the focus of Buddhism-based tourism in Bihar from Southeast Asia, Europe and American countries. The fourth edition of the Indian Buddhist Conclave witnessed the participation of 132 delegates from 32 countries, including Australia, Canada, US, Greece, Italy and others.

5. Behind the temple gates: Visit the ornate Alderwood Manor Buddhist sanctuary

It sits behind a red gate on Filbert Road, a winding, woodsy, busy two-lane road that leads from the Alderwood mall area toward Mill Creek. Driving by, you might catch a glimpse of ornate sculptures and colorful banners behind the gate, and maybe the smile of a Buddha in the rear view mirror.

6. Delhi TownshipTibetan monks construct art piece at Mount St....

Tibetan monks construct art piece at Mount St. Joe Monks from Buddhist monastery on tour, created sand mandala at Mount St. Joseph University Check out this story on cincinnati.com: http://cin.ci/1suw1RG A closer look at the sand mandala the group of Tibetan monks created at Mount St. Joseph University the week of Sept. 22. The three-dimensional piece is constructed using dyed sand particles and serves as a vehicle to generate compassion.

7. How Buddhism Conquered Asia

It is the fourth largest religion in the world today, with half a billion practitioners. Though founded by one man, it has grown into three major traditions with innumerable sects and splinter groups.

8. Art Show With Barbie And Ken As The Virgin Mary And Jesus Outrages Bishops

ROME Barbie has had a number of careers in her 55 years - flight attendant, veterinarian, astronaut, even president. Her latest role, however, is raising eyebrows.

9. Why we meditate in Buddhism

Through meditation we can do wonderful things. We can overcome our ignorance, delusions, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, and depression, and enhance our compassion, loving-kindness, happiness, and equanimity.

10. Pray tell how prayer can cure society

When the clergy is rocked by sex and financial scandals on a daily basis, while corruption and use of raw power and violence dominate both our politics and social life, authorities recommend prayer as a way to buck these trends. According to Amnart Buasiri, deputy director of the the National Office of Buddhism, society is in a huge mess.

11. Top 5 best books on Buddhism 2014

If we search " Buddhism books" a list in the hundreds or even thousands will show up. However, over the years there have been a few popular books by some popular authors that haven't gone without notice.

12. Legend of Eight Immortals 1998

The buddhism of Secret White Peony Lord BaiMuDan and eight immortals buddhism , eight lord BUDDHA and Signs of end of The WORLD ;) The secrets of heaven of BUDDHA Select one of the options below. Your feedback will help tell CNN producers what to do with this iReport.

13. Who's Who in Buddhism: Amitabha Buddha

Sanskrit: Amitabha a ...a a a a 3 4a Chinese: A mA tuA3fA3 e a1 2 e a1 2> Tibetan: od dpag med a1 2 a1 21 4a1 2'a1 4 a1 2'a1 2"a1 2 a1 4 a1 2 a1 2oa1 2'a1 4 Japanese: Amida Butsu e a1 4 e a Vietnamese: A-di-A'A Phao t Korean: A-mi-ta Bul i* e i e S Amitabha Buddha, Buddha of Infinite Light, is a celestial buddha in Mahayana Buddhism. Amitabha is the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism, mainly practiced in East Asia.

14. Popular Bodhisattvas in Buddhism

There are immeasurable number of Bodhisattvas in Buddhism , however, in Buddhist sutras and in stories, some of the most known and popular Bodhisattvas are Avalokitesvara, Ksitigarbha, Samantabhadra, Manjushri, and Maitreya. Each Bodhisattva has a particular topic, or lesson, to teach us in the various sutras they're in.

15. Can Sam Harris Wake Us Up?

It caused a stir when Sam Harris, in a new book titled Waking Up, changed his message from militant atheism to peaceful Buddhism. A positive message is better than a negative one, and since Buddhism is often labeled as "a religion without God," Harris's move isn't as radical as it looks at first glance.

16. Chinese President Xi Jinping accepts role of Buddhism in their culture: Dalai Lama

Exiled Tibet an spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Monday claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping has publicly admitted that Buddhism has a role to play in the preservation of Chinese culture. He added this was for the first time in years that any leader of the Communist Party of China , which rules the country, has openly acknowledged the role of religion in Chinese society.


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