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Friday Aug 22 2014 03:52AM ET
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  Tetsugen, a devotee of Zen in Japan, decided to publish the sutras, which at that time were available only in Chinese. The books were to be printed with wood blocks in an edition of seven thousand copies, a tremendous undertaking.... continue...

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1. Vajrayana Center to host Medicine Buddha series Aug. 20-23

Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Beach Center welcomes the return of His Holiness Grudrag Khentrul Rinpoche for a series of empowerments, teachings, and transmissions of the entire and complete Medicine Buddha practice.

2. Book review: '10% Happier'

Imagine that, with the prestige of your job, you can have contact with just about any spiritual leader in the world.

3. Dumfries aid worker deported in religion row

Karina Holt spent a terrifying six hours being grilled by police after they received a tip-off about the deity design on her back.

4. Engaged Buddhism and community ecology

For the most part, Buddhists have historically been less concerned with explaining the world than with generating personal peace and enlightenment.

5. How a wealthy Jewish princess changed the face of Buddhism: Part 1

Ilse Lederman was born in 1923; she was a wealthy secular Jewish Princess who even attended the 1936 World Olympics in Berlin.

6. Politico: Burma's bumpy road - Joe Schatz

Allan Lokos and Susanna Weiss, two New Yorkers who run a meditation center on the Upper West Side, arrived in Myanmar in December 2012 eager to explore a nation just emerging from decades of military rule.

7. Vajrayana meditation linked with Tibetan Buddhism can enhance cognitive performance

Contrary to popular belief, not all meditation techniques produce similar effects of body and mind.

8. Pope's reach in South Korea may extend beyond Catholics

South Korea is the lone Asian nation where great spiritual traditions of the East, such as Buddhism and Confucianism, live cheek by jowl in rough numerical equality with Christianity.

9. Shamanism and the different kinds of minds

Why would you want to use an ancient set of practices, like shamanism , that arise from cultures so different from your own? Well, for one thing, because it works----for certain people, those who have the right kind of mind and imagination.

10. Obama's intervention in Iraq proves that religion really is the new politics

Today we are witnessing the extraordinary - and long overdue - spectacle of an American president intervening in Iraq to protect religious minorities from ISIS death squads motivated by their own extreme religious beliefs.

11. Buddha bowl return request gets louder

Patna, Aug. 10: Strong voices are now being raised from the state to bring back the 400kg greenish-grey bowl kept at National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul to Vaishali, which is being claimed to be its place of origin.

12. Meaning of bhagavan

In the Veda, there is no mention of bhagavan. The idea of God is explored in various ways, but there is no definitive idea like bhagavan, which we find in the Puranas.

13. Tattooist draws upon art to seek freedom

CONTROLLED BY CHINA: Tibet has been occupied by China since the 1951 Invasion of Tibet, called the Liberation of Tibet by China.

14. Evidence of Vaishali link in Buddha bowl

Patna, Aug. 8: Archaeologists claim to have found strong evidence to prove that the 400kg greenish-grey granite bowl kept at the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul was taken from Bihar's Vaishali where it was supposedly used by Gautam Buddha.

15. What the Dalai Lama will be doing in Birmingham

The Dalai Lama is coming to Birmingham this fall and now we know a little more about what he will be doing during his visit.

16. Burma's bumpy road

Allan Lokos and Susanna Weiss, two New Yorkers who run a meditation center on the Upper West Side, arrived in Myanmar in December 2012 eager to explore a nation just emerging from decades of military rule.

17. Planning for Success

Over the last couple of months, my family took an extensive trip across China, covering as far as Tibet in the southwest, the Silk Road in the northwest, and Heilongjiang Province in the northeast.

18. Daigoji Temple celebrates its collection

World Heritage Site, Daigoji Temple, was founded on the summit of Mount Kasatori in southeastern Kyoto when the monk Rigen Daishi Shobo is said to have discovered a spring from which flowed the "ultimate taste, representing the highest state of Buddhist wisdom."

19. Breaking Through Buddism

Ouyporn Khuankaew's life began as many do here in northern Thailand, in a poor rice-farming family of devout Buddhists.


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