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Thursday Oct 30 2014 01:31PM ET
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  A wandering monk called Vaccha asked the Buddha if the Buddha would still exsist after death. The Buddha replied:
"Vaccha, the idea that I would exist or not exist after death - such ideas lead to dense jungles and arid deserts, to entanglements... continue...

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1. Religion Isn't Responsible for Violence

Karen Armstrong's Fields of Blood eviscerates the notion that religion is behind most of the world's violence and oppression. A few years ago, in my hometown of Toronto, a debate took place between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair about whether or not religion was a force for good in the world.

2. Canada honors soldier killed by gunman

Thousands poured into Princeton University's gymnasium Tuesday in Princeton, N.J., to hear wisdom from the man in the orange baseball cap. "What is the key to happiness?" a student asked him.

3. Karmapa to Find Reincarnation of Tibetan Buddhist Leader, Shamar Rinpoche

His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje, leader of the oldest reincarnate lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, announces today that he will identify the next incarnation of his fellow lineage holder, The Shamarpa and the Karmapa are spiritually inseparable, and are fellow holders of the 900 year old Karma Kagyu lineage, a tradition that precedes the Dalai Lama's lineage by over 200 years. The 14th Shamarpa, Mipham Chokyi Lodro, passed away aged 61 on 11th June this year, sparking condolence messages from heads of state, numerous dignitaries, and tens of thousands of devotees around the world.

4. Vietnamese PM prays at Bodh Gaya, says Buddhism binds India, Vietnam

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung Monday visited Bodh Gaya and prayed at the Mahabodhi temple, Buddhism's holiest shrine. Prime Minister Dung, who is here on a two-day visit, also circumambulated the ancient Mahabodhi tree under which the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment.

5. Can debauchery unite Burma's Buddhists and Muslims?

With his right hand encrusted in heavy gold rings, his hair in a ponytail and traces of makeup visible around his eyes and cheeks, the man gestures at the heavens, then himself. He's talking religion, and he's vaguely annoyed.

6. Monks create mandala of sand ahead of Dalai Lama's visit to Princeton

While two Buddhist monks applied the sand using a steel cone and an antler horn, another explained to passing Princeton University students and faculty what was happening: The monks were creating a mandala, a symbol of Buddhism, outside the Chancellor Green Library. They worked on it all week and finished it Thursday.

7. The Art of Mindfully Transforming Your Life

Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Buddha was like the first psychologist, teaching his followers about the power of changing their mental processes in order to alleviate emotional discomfort and embrace change. One of his insights were the four noble truths that helped people free themselves from the patterns of thinking and behaving that perpetuate their suffering.

8. Tibetan parliament and government in-exile extend Diwali greetings

The Tibetan parliament and government in-exile on Wednesday extended the people of India greeting on the occasion of Diwali. "Diwali is the festival of light and marks victory of truth, thus we associate ourselves with this festival.

9. Devotees Flock to - Japan Pagoda' in Rangoon

Pilgrims from all corners of Burma have been flocking to a monastery in Rangoon's Hmawbi Township, where a Japanese man has donated hundreds of ancient Buddha images from seven different historical eras. A total of 301 Buddha images are kept at the Aung Zabu Tawya Dhamma Yeiktha monastery in Yepya village, Hmawbi Township.

10. Finding happiness, peace and truth in Buddha

I never identified with a religion as a child. My family raised me a Catholic, but I chose a different path after questioning everything I learned in religion classes and in church.

11. Buddhism has 8 "Auspicious Symbols."

Buddhism has many numbered lists-the Triple Refuge, the Noble Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths-which is surprising to me, given Buddhism's emphasis on gateless gates and transcending the bounds of rational thinking. There's a koan to be written about that paradox, for sure.

12. Grokking Republicans: The Varieties of Religious Delusion

Whatever you think of the question of God or Gods, religion is a real thing, for good or ill. In the quest for More and Better Democrats the question of fewer and less evil religious nutters has a prominent place.

13. Spiritual scholar (and Uma's father) explains how to love your enemies and vote for Wendy Davis

In a world of war, disease and really nasty Internet comments on just about everything, it's getting harder and harder to love your enemies. But that's what we should so, according to noted Buddhist scholars Robert Thurman and Sharon Salzberg , who have co-authored a book, Love Your Enemies: How to Break the Anger Habit.

14. What Do You Search for in a Work of Art?

This is an Art Review by guest author, Merle Molofsky, a poet, playwright, psychoanalyst and educator in New York City. The work of Sue Burickson and Antoinette Procacci, two contemporary artists, each of whom uses a "traditional" art genre to illuminate psychological and spiritual states of being.

15. Thumbnail image

Almost 200 people turned out to hear Buddhist teacher Lama Jampa Thaye give a public talk entitled Arriving at Inner Freedom at Bath's Assembly Rooms. One of the leading lights of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, British-born Lama Jampa is the spiritual director of the network of international Buddhist centres and groups known as Dechen.

16. Visible discrimination

Of the members of Saarc, India is the largest in terms of size, population and gross national product. It also enjoys a qualitative distinction, which may be as significant.


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