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Thursday Nov 26 2015 09:47PM ET
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  The master Bankei's talks were attended not only by Zen students but by persons of all ranks and sects. He never quoted sutras not indulged in scholastic dissertations. Instead, his words were spoken directly from his heart to the hearts of... continue...

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1. What Makes a Buddhist a Buddhist?

Stan has been shipwrecked on a desert island for decades. One day he is rescued.

2. Redefining 'Wake Up'

Two: Are we willing to play a larger game? Are you willing to be, are WE willing to be, extraordinary? Are we willing to be utterly humble and radically audacious? Are we willing to participate in the evolution of consciousness? Are we willing to participate in the evolution of love? Timothy Leary tried it once in a different version: tune in, turn on, drop out. He was actually saying the same thing.

3. Pakistan's Gandhara ruins to receive Korea's Buddhists

According to some historians, Korea's Buddhism traces its roots to the Gandharan Civilization that thrived 2,000 years ago in the territories of today's northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Mahayana school of Korea's Buddhism - one of two main branches alongside the Hinayana school - was introduced to the ancient Kingdom of Baekje in 384 by monk Maranatha, native of Gandhara, the historical records say.

4. Buddhism conference tackles int'l issues

Buddhism plays a major role in maintaining peace, environmental security and sustainable development as well as enhancing regional cooperation, speakers said at an international Buddhism conference that opened yesterday in HCM City. More than 100 Vietnamese and 40 international scientists, managers and Buddhism researchers from the US, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries are participating in the two-day "Buddhism in Mekong Region: History and Development" conference.

5. RSS murdered Gandhi for preaching tolerance: Azam Khan reminds PM

Gorakhpur, Nov. 13 : Hitting out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for saying there was no intolerance in the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare Minister Azam Khan questioned the statement saying how could he have used the names of the national leader after he was murdered for preaching tolerance. "People abroad wanted an honest answer from the Prime Minister about the rampant intolerance in our nation and he used Buddhism and Gandhism as his defence.

6. Kungri Village

Kungri Monastery is a Buddhist monastery of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism in the Pin Valley in Lahul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, northern India. Kungri is Spiti's second oldest monastery, built around 1330.

7. President inspects construction work of Nagananda International Buddhist University

Nov 10, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena visited the proposed site of the Manelwatte Nagananda International Buddhist University at Bollegala in Kelaniya Tuesday to inspect the progress of the construction work. This international university is being built on the model of the ancient Nalanda University in India, which is considered to be the oldest Buddhist higher education center.

8. Barefoot Myanmar monks continue on Buddhaa s path

Monks in majority Buddhist Myanmar, where Theravada Buddhism is practiced, are often seen on foot walking barefoot in single file, or alone, seeking alms from the faithful in the early mornings. This groups of monk was seen out on the streets despite the people being engaged with election activity.

9. Rinaldo Del Gallo III: A visit from a secular Buddhist

PITTSFIELD >> Consider two stories. In the first, a leader of a synagogue comes to Jesus and says, "My daughter has just died.

10. Bangkok, Thailand, a city of contrasts, is serenely chaotic

When it comes to traffic, Los Angeles and Bangkok have something in common: constant gridlock. But that's where the comparison ends.

11. Myanmar elections: Sense of foreboding as tension mounts

Yangon: Five saffron-robed monks arrived uninvited and preaching hate in opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's constituency in the final days of campaigning before Myanmar's watershed election on Sunday. President Thein Sein, a former general, has ominously warned that if Suu Kyi's party wins there will be Arab Spring-like chaos and bloodshed.

12. Thai Buddhists look to Myanmar

A monk prays at a Nov 1 ceremony to move Lord Buddha's relics from Mahiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya in Sri Lanka to Buddha Monthon monastery in Nakhon Pathom. A campaign to enshrine Buddhism as Thailand's state religion has been galvanised by a radical Buddhist movement in neighbouring Myanmar that is accused of stoking religious tension.

13. Higher learning, November 4

A small place of learning set up 35 years ago in Sichuan has grown into one of the biggest centres in the world to study Tibetan Buddhism. From just 30 students in 1980, the Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute is now surrounded by small houses and log cabins occupied by tens of thousands of monks, nuns and lay students.

14. Tibetan festival Lhapad Duchen marked in China's Tibet

A Tibetan Buddhism believer prays in front of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Nov. 3, 2015. The annual Tibetan festival Lhapad Duchen, day to commemorate Buddha's descent from Heaven on Sept.

15. Shayne Looper: Without this, Christianity ceases to be Christian

Some religions are impossible to imagine apart from their founders. Can anyone picture Islam without Muhammed, or the Latter Day Saints without Joseph Smith, or Scientology without L. Ron Hubbard? In other religions the human founder is historically important but not indispensable.

16. The heart of our city

King Rama III had strong faith in Buddhism. He donated his own money towards building several new temples and restoring more than 20 old temples.


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