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Not a single thing to deny or accept. Lynn:<br> Playback, wouldn't this be like placing walls around love? would this be like keeping it for yourself? like saying you can't have love without this or that? course in saying so I've done just the same thing haven't I. <br> Playback:<br> You sounded you need to love and to be loved. Right?. If so, find someone and practice it and see what will be going on.<br> stephen:<br> I know this will not be very popular but here goes. Love and hate are both delusions and attachments. Compassion and suffering are action words. Suffering is a state of being caused by ignorance, anger, delusion and attachments. (Emotions all). Compassion is generated by mindfulness, concentration, wisdom and ethics. (non-emotions). To hold love is to hold hate, both should be avoided. MU<br> Lynn:<br> I love you Playback... how hard is this to practice... I love you Stephen... tell me there was no action and where it can and cannot be held...<br> Playback:<br> From Lynn >>>I love you Playback... how hard is this to practice...<<< You got a wrong man to say "love", Lynn.<br> The word "love" came in one ear and went out of anothe ear of his. Nothing remains anywhere because he got no intention to hold on it.<br> It would better for you is find someone else to love.<br> Lynn:<br> Playback, if it was only the word you heard then fine.<br> Lionel:<br> Dear Mr DOM, if that is the case, then no ear no sound yet ear is ear sound is sound. It is momnetary contact, thus momentary comes thus momentary goes, no remain residue at all. If minduflness pretty sharp, it is like a flash moment phenomenon yet its awareness mind is at its pure & clear always like sun shinning. I wonder what is it or what it is like?<br> Playback:<br> Hello there,<br> My name is David Leong, a.k. Lionel. What is you name?<br> shayne:<br> ill be honest.<br> i dont care. i dont need to know this information. if i love i love. if i dont i dont.<br> this to me is like legs on a snake. irrelevant things.<br> ill just be done with the monkey mind and i dont care anymore to explain myself.<br> cause i cant.<br> and not only this. just because i cant explain my actions to so many others dont make me not enlightened.<br> ive always had this problem. explaining to the egos. i cant. cause these things are the cause of most of my own delusions.<br> cause people gotta have reasons. i never did.<br> does this make me a bad person to think this way?<br> ive never felt it did.<br> the d.o.m.:<br> You are right, Mr. Shayne.<br> "When a man of love just heard of "love".<br> He immediately takes it as the most delicious fruit.<br> He doesn't care if he will gain or lose.<br> He just loves and does not need to know anything else."<br> Lionel:<br> Hi there, 1) What is the difference? Why Playback the story then!? Still attaching to memory? David Leong is him while Lionel is also by himself! What that got to do with this here? You are such a funny loving creature on earth!<br> 2) While free & peace or no residue in so called one's momery, why it is still functioning like there is such thing called memory?<br> 3) Or it is same... or what or who is there...?<br> 4) May be it is just wordings...? That's all... no more no less...<br> 5) Does one carry name when is born...? Niether there is here or there...?<br> 6)Do all humankind carry six senses when born...? Wondering......<br> Playback:<br> Hello there again,<br> My name is David Leong a.k. Lionel and I would like to say something like this:<br> The word does not intend to go through the mouth;<br> The mouth does not intend to let the word get through it.<br> If one intends to speak something and he actually speaks,<br> then the word instantly goes through the mouth and entanglements will follow it.<br> If one does not intend to speak and actually he doesn't speak,<br> then no word goes through the mouth and no entanglements will follow it.<br> The more he speaks the more entanglements will follow,<br> The less he speaks the less entanglements will follow.<br> This is called the mouth-entanglement of the ones who speak.<br> Woodsman:<br> The sound room was closed tight as a drum.<br> Playback:<br> It seems that the man named Woodsman got only one ear.<br> fatnhappy:<br> it was a childhood accident hes very sensitive about it playback . :) hehehe<br> Woodsman:<br> What is the sound of being wrong?<br> har har<br> that's not it by the way...<br> Playback:<br> Thanks for the infomation, fatnhappy. That's why he came down to foot of the mountain and said some words. Then in hurry, he climbed up back to the top of the mountain and sat in silence. And then he does the same thing again.<br> Playback:<br> From Woodsman >>>What is the sound of being wrong?<<<<br> Any problem with the ear?<br> Woodsman:<br> No Sir!<br> guess not<br> Playback:<br> The sound itself has nothing to do with right or wrong.<br> If there is something right or wrong,<br> It should be from the mis-hearing caused<br> by the limits of the ear<br> and the conditions of the one who heard it.<br> DavidLeong:br> Perhaps for as long as one is awaring constantly... it's this whole business here!? CT:<br> Hi David,<br> ChonTri thinks that the verse "Sound & Ear" by Playback might be a summary of one of the twenty-five methods of practice as described in the Shurangama Sutra. It's called the Ear-base Practice which was the main practice of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. It would be one of the very good methods to practice to see one's own nature. However, Playback posted in a wrong place - on this board - nobody realized it, and it became a topic to discuss, to reason or to argue. It became something futile.<br> Have you read the Shurangama Sutra? It is recommended to read in the book sectionn of this website. You also can read it free by going to "Google.com" and search for it with the keyword "Shurangama Sutra". http://zenguide.com/zenmedia/index.cfm?id=163 Fri, 24 Jan 2020 22:42:14 EDT