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Sunday Jun 16 2024 02:49PM ET
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  In reading scriptures and studying the doctrines, you should turn all words
right around and apply them to yourself. All the verbal teachings point to
the inherent nature of the immediate mirroring awareness. As long as this
is... continue...

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There are 1353 guestbook entries.
 161  whitewolf from Big Rapids, Michigan, United States found this site through a search engine 06.13.2005  
  Iot a lot of info from this site. It was very informative. I would like to be contacted if any more info comes up. Thank you.

 162  Issax found this site through a search engine 06.10.2005  
  Fun site, I really like the design.

 163  oui from poland found this site through a search engine 06.09.2005  
  Pozdrowienia z Polski:) !

 164  sunmoon found this site through a search engine (google) 06.09.2005  
  It is nice to know this kind of buddhist forum /

Let me introduce an wonderful website of a very intensive and effective Zen temple / meditaion centre under the guidance of Kido Inoue Roshi,an authentic living Zen master, in Japan.

Here, http://www.geocities.jp/shorinkutu/english/e-index.htm

You can read the insightful Zen experience notes of lay people

Here, http://www.geocities.jp/shorinkutu/english/zazen.htm

 165  Alex from England found this site through a personal referral (Cousin) 06.07.2005  
  Your website has taught me much.

 166  AuPacha from Branchburg, NJ usA found this site through a search engine (Google) 04.26.2005  
  Thank you for such a high quality website, beautifully displayed and lots of useful information. How can I help you now? I will be using your link to purchase some books, but would like to do more. Rich Mervin

 167  ZenRama from Earth found this site through a search engine (google) 04.21.2005  
  In Zen we strive to bring both the mind and the body into perfect combination, so that there is no intrinsic difference between them. - Zen Master Rama Dr. Frederick Lenz

 168  mharky from japan found this site through 04.16.2005  
  My NosmoQ Experience

 169  mark from uk found this site through a link from another site 03.30.2005  
  Great site! Have to bookmark it! Keep it up!

 170  JennO found this site through a search engine (Google) 03.24.2005  
  I stumbled across ur website when i began telling my friends i was a very Zen person..mainly because i am so loud and rude and came across a difficulty i couldnt overcome. I walked away from the difficulty and said to my friends i had found my center and was a very zen person; not knowing exactly what i was saying.

your site is great. thank you ever so much. i am content and want to read up more on zen and buddism being chinese and all i never was really interested in buddism. i want to learn now.

 171  Pete from Leeds found this site through a link from another site 03.23.2005  
  Thanks for this excellent resource on Zen. It's given me a great insight into this sphere of Buddhism.

 172  Bluefox from Lisses, Essonne, France found this site through a link from another site (http://www.spiritbride.com) 03.09.2005  
  Thank you for a wonderfully complete site. I'm glad I found it.

 173  Gloria found this site through a search engine 03.09.2005  
  Love your Site. I enjoyed reading it. Very Informative! I will pass the word.

 174  lkhavel from Texas found this site through a search engine 02.23.2005  
  I am a nursing student presently working on a BSN. World Religion is the subject I am presently taking. My research paper is on ZEN. I find you site very informative. Your site is easy to follow. I hope it is with your approvaly that I use some of the information from your site to clearify the ZEN religion as long as I reference the material. Thank you\Linda

 175  Ronin16 from Highland,CA,USA found this site through a search engine (Yahoo) 02.23.2005  
  I am new to Zen Buddhism. Consequently, it is my hope that this site will provide me with a comprehensive set of resources with which to learn and grow.

I found this site after performing a web search on Yahoo.

P.S. I like the look and the tone of the site..it is relaxing and soothing to look at while at the same time intriguing.


 176  Elswyth from Sweden (originally from Hungary) found this site through (Google) 02.12.2005  
  Contents of this site is just as good as the look! I wanted to find a site where they explain well how buddhism/ zen buddhism

 177  Rudyryk from Russia found this site through 01.31.2005  
  Hi, people!:)

We've got a lot of material on Zen. It's 'live' material: experience of real people living nowdays, in social life.

The most of it is in russian now, and some of it is tranlated into english!

You can find it here: http://zenru.org

You're welcome!

 178  soppimath found this site through 01.26.2005  
  Wonderful site! one should touch it to experience the truth, Thanks google.

 179  kingcheese from Michigan found this site through a search engine (yahoo) 01.25.2005  
  Practicing non-denominational christian who believes that zen teachings can and should be aplied to a commonplace religion that is too readily abused and otherwise warped to fit the agendas of

 180  jeanete from Philippines found this site through other 01.24.2005  


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