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Sunday Mar 24 2019 04:15AM ET
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  Posted on Sep.06.2009 @ 09:29AM EDT by chontri
In the teachings it says that:
"All compounded things are like dreams,
illusions, bubbles, and shadows;
they are like dew and like lightning,
and should be seen in... continue...

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 281  Jim Buckner from Dallas, Texas found this site through other (Time Magazine) 08.11.2003  

 282  jane branom from tucson az found this site through other (time magazine) 08.10.2003  
  beautiful site. i will be back. thank you

 283  Audrey Carr from CA - USA found this site through a search engine (aol) 08.10.2003  
  Do you have listings of websites that would be of interest to your viewers? If so, would like to be included. We have been involved in Zen for 40 years & had two Zen Classics which were published by NAL, & distributed worldwide. They are: "The Gospel According to Zen" & "Games Zen Masters Play." They are now out of print, but still being quoted in new books. Also, if you would like to trade links, please let us know. Hope you will have an opportunity to review our site, which has "Meditation in Activity", "Masters & Methods" and many other related sections. Thanks.

URL: The Zen Game: Of Discovering Who You Are

 284  Josh from MD found this site through other (TIME) 08.10.2003  
  Beautiful Site

 285  sonneries from found this site through a search engine 08.09.2003  
  Thank you for the wonderful website and information

 286  Karen from New Zealand found this site through other (Time Magazine) 08.08.2003  
  Informative & Inspiring Site. Words that simplify and calm a seemingly choatic time.

 287  billy from virginia beach, va found this site through a search engine 08.08.2003  
  i'd like to find out more about zen

 288  Oj Docs from found this site through a search engine 08.07.2003  
  your site was what made me become buddhist

 289  ALEJANDRO from argentina found this site through a search engine (magazine) 08.07.2003  
  do to work pressures I need to do something to be able to relax , so I,m looking. thank you alejandro

 290  Jennifer Nielsen from St. Ansgar, Iowa found this site through other (Time Mag.) 08.06.2003  
  I ahve been interested in meditation for sometime and found the artical very interesting. I love this site for some history into Zen.

 291  Theo Mueller from Switzerland found this site through a personal referral (My brother) 08.05.2003  
  I work out illustration pamphlets for better understanding of the Life science Buddhism

URL: You are the Winner

 292  Bruce Roberts from Fremont, Ca. found this site through a search engine (Google) 08.04.2003  
  Excellent site. Thank you for sharing these important concepts with those of us who seek new sources of information.

 293  TW from Atlanta found this site through other (Time Magazine) 08.04.2003  
  Lots of great resources you have here.....I've enjoyed my time spent, and will be back often...ROCK ON!

URL: Underground Portal Gateway

 294  Sanda from Burma found this site through other (From Time Magazine) 08.03.2003  
  It is new to me and I am interested in Zen

 295  Master Zen from San Diego,Ca found this site through a search engine (Google ?) 08.02.2003  
  I like the front page, very zenny.The history,the discussions,organizations ,OK. Concepts?,Relative Ideas?, Philophies? You of all people should know that Zen is not a concept,idea or philosophy. Zen is Profound Conscious Clarity in the Living Now. Maybe you could replace these headings with something more relevant like Zen truth's or Zen facts. How about Zen Koans, Zen Masters with a list of their names and a quote from each one.How about Zen Stories. I'm sorry if I come off a little harsh, I don't mean to offend you,I just speak directly,no beating around the bush,no riddles,no head games. Conscious progress is much more likely that way...........Sincerely Master Zen

 296  gocin from indonesia found this site through other (time magazine,meditation edition) 08.02.2003  
  seeks solace or the solution to specific problems by turning negative emotions into positive energies

 297  MANUEL from Philippines found this site through a link from another site (time magazine) 08.02.2003  
  i haven't through your site yet thoroughly. I have read about Zen several years ago and now I am very much interested about it. I should be visiting your website often and hope to learn more about Zen.

URL: na

 298  tatt from scotland found this site through a search engine (copernic) 08.02.2003  
  love the art work.. ...very 'zen'...easy on the eye

URL: juicyplum

 299  Donald West from Richmond, Virginia found this site through other (Time magazine) 08.02.2003  
  Looks good. I'll visit again another time.

 300  James Fleming from Ask the goverment,I honestly don't know. found this site through other (Time magazine.) 08.02.2003  
  Knowledge truly is power.Wether fighting a war or maximizing /mastering a life.


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