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Tuesday Mar 20 2018 12:11AM ET
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  One should not imagine oneself to be one with the eye or
independent of it or the owner of it.
The same with ear and all the other senses, including the mind.
Nor should one imagine oneself to be identical with the world or
contained... continue...

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There are 1353 guestbook entries.
 301  Tara Fenlon from Vancouver found this site through a search engine (yahoo) 08.01.2003  
  I love your site. Thank you.

 302  Brian Fisher from Incline Village, NV found this site through other (magazine) 08.01.2003  
  If life is a straight ride of just being happy and enlightened, it does take away the suffering, but if you have ever heared the phrase 'the sweet is not as sweet without the sour' then you would think that this would be a boring life if you were inlightened. That does not sound like a fun life to me. But maybe I havnt looked into it enough. I would appreciate a return e mail. thanks

 303  Lily Ong from Malaysia found this site through a search engine 07.31.2003  
  Hi,I am Lily Ong from Malaysia. I am interested in Buddha Cartoon English Stories in VCD format. This is because I would like to give this Cartoon VCD to children age between 4-12years old. I believe this method will help the children to learn about the buddhism very quickly and it will make them feel very interesting. Do you have any idea about this matter and where can i get the information?

 304  Neeta from India found this site through other (Time Magazine) 07.31.2003  
  I wish to improve my meditation. Make it deeper and more resulting. Having problem concentrating.

 305  Jack Bannon from Oregon found this site through a search engine (TIME magazine on line) 07.31.2003  
  Empty and marvelous!

 306  mario a. gonzalez from texas found this site through other (time magazine) 07.31.2003  
  i am only 35 years old but i have learned that many of the beliefs in the world share the same ideals. the teachings of jesus and the little of zen i know are foundations i have tried to mold my life to.

 307  marylou from philippines found this site through other (magazine) 07.31.2003  
  I have heard of meditation and I am very interested to learn as I have not been successful with it

 308  Wayne from Louisiana, originally found this site through other (Time Magazine) 07.30.2003  
  I have always been interested in Zen

 309  Bill Micholuk from Montreal , Canada found this site through other (Time Magazine) 07.30.2003  
  would like to learn more about philosophies and meditation

 310  Debbie from Baltimore found this site through a search engine 07.30.2003  
  I am interested in finding a Buddhist Temple around Baltimore and about the Dalai Lama's 9/11/03 scedule-Washington,DC?- peace

 311  anonymous too from found this site through a link from another site (Time Magazine site) 07.30.2003  
  Who are you? This is not a koan - it's helpful to know the name of a web author who lists practice centers and solicits comments. Connection over anonymity. It would also be helpful to know your lineage and/or center. Thank you.

 312  peter egan from NEW JERSEY found this site through other (TIME MAGAZINE) 07.29.2003  
  We enjoy the site.One minor quibble is to see more book reviews.Also if you know of any zen centers in Connecticut as we are moving to Stamford in a few months.

 313  Fidel from New York, Miami, Honolulu found this site through a link from another site (Science of Meditation) 07.28.2003  
  I am doing research for a book. I am an American Sensei of Martial Arts now studying Zen for 30 years. I still don not understand, although I KNOW.

URL: IMASI US HQ Hombu DoJo Homepage

 314  Dilip Banerjee from India found this site through a link from another site (while surfing for Zen) 07.28.2003  
  Please let me know more and send me some books

URL: Rediffmail

 315  Susan from found this site through a search engine 07.27.2003  
  I hope you will not feel insulted, but I am a christian who practices Zen meditation. (OK I am ducking- you may throw something). I was raised as a Christian and will probably never let go of it, however, I have always had a problem with Christian meditations as they are "too noisy."

I am plagued with a hot temper, and a restless spirit that requires much disciplined quietness.

I am new at this and do not have any contacts to discuss things with. I would love to hear from some practicing Budhists. (And I do mean practicing-- not those who just pay lip service to it like many cbristians pay lip service to their religion.

Susan M. Bowers

 316  bill godbolt from northern calif., and bellingham wa. found this site through other (D.T Susuki) 07.27.2003  
  always been fascinated with the way of thinking, or not thinking

 317  Christina from found this site through a search engine (google.com) 07.27.2003  
  this is cool

 318  seth from florida U.S. found this site through a search engine (google) 07.27.2003  
  please add more to your directory. people need to know where to go to practice. practice places are very important.

 319  Khaled from Egypt, born in Kuwait, live in the U.S (Washington found this site through a personal referral 07.22.2003  
  The desing and the comcept of your website are great, I love the color and I think that reflects the artistic personality of yours. On the other hand, your spiritual side is viewed clearly by your ideas.

 320  Peter Kohl from BRD found this site through other 07.22.2003  
  This site is interesting as well as informative. Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings

URL: Kapitalismus


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