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Friday Jul 21 2017 08:40AM ET
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  At Savatthi. Then the Venerable Suradha approached the Buddha...and said to him:

"Venerable sir, how should one know, how should one see so that, in regard to this body
with consciousness and in regard to all external signs, the... continue...

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Welcome to the 3rd incarnation of zenguide.com, an overhauling effort to improve the resources at hand and from around the internet.

Over the past 5 years, zenguide.com has welcomed many hundreds of thousands of visitors, many of whom are now frequent visitors. The ever increasing number of visitors brought many great suggestions as well as improper behaviors. This effort addresses this and many concerns expressed by visitors including:

  1. providing additional materials, especially practical zen
  2. providing a guide to zen & buddhist books and other media
  3. providing a list of frequently asked questions
  4. providing additional random koans and other stories
  5. providing a better discussion forum

To encourage only positive thoughts to be retain on the zenguide.com, I also included a registration process, without which a visitor cannot add their contents onto the site. This will keep the 'not-so-serious' users out. It is now required that you log in before posting messages, adding a new organization, and make book reading recommendation.

I also added an additional feature to protect posting email addresses, in the forum and guestbook, so that automatic spamming & screen-scraping software will not be able to exploit the site.

Admittedly, this is also an effort to revive my personal practice of zen...simply by doing this site once again. As always, I will be around to maintain the site. The over all contents, administration, mediation and contact will continued to be the roles of my father - Chon Tri.

Please use this no more than a guide. The truth is in your self. Please be courteous to others. Your questions and comments are welcomed. As always, best regards for your continuing journey...

Alan Do


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