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Bhavana - mental culture, development, the control and evolution of the mind, meditation .
Bhiku - Religious mendicant or friar of the order founded by Gotama Buddha.
bodhi - awakened wisdom.
Bodhidharma - 28th Indian ancestor, 1st Chinese ancestor.
Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma - the 37 qualities contributing to Enlightenment.
Bodhisatta - a Buddha to be, one who has resolved to attain Enlightenment for the helping of all sentient beings..
Bodhisattva - refer to: Bodhisatta.
Brahma - (in Hinduism, The Creator, The Universal Self); in Buddhism, a divine being of the Form Sphere or the Formless Sphere, Happy and blameless celestial beings, inhabitants of the higher heavens. .
Buddha - The Awakened One, The Enlightened one.
buddha-field - the field of consciousness created by the ideation of an enlightened being .
Buddho - a recitation of the Buddha, an example of a mantra.
Butsudo - refer to: Buddha.

The glossary of zen and buddhism terms are gathered from the following authorized sources:
1. The Venerable Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo of Wat Sanghathan and the translation/editing of the Thai by Fuengsin Trafford and Simon Romer.
2. Steven Newton - Portland Zen Community (source "Glossary of Japanese Zen Terms" - Stan Rosenthal)


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