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  One day Huang Sanku, a Confucian scholar asked Hui-tang Tsu-hsin
(1025-1100), one of the well known Chinese Ch'an masters:
-What is the Great meaning of Budhha dharmas?
Hui-tang replied:
-Confucius once said: "I hide... continue...

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acariya - teacher.
acharya - refer to: acariya.
adharma - not having a religion.
adhitthana - decision, resolution, self determination, will.
ajahn - refer to: acariya.
akusala - unwholesome, demerit, wrong, bad, evil.
Amitabha Buddha - The merciful and wisdom-full Buddha.
Anagami - a Non-returner, the third stage in the realization of Nibbana .
anapanasati - mindfulness of in and out breathing.
Anathapindika's Grove - Jeta grove, site of a monastery built for the history Buddha my Anathapindika.
anatta - not self, Egolessness.
anicca - impermanence.
annuttara samyak sambodhi - perfection of complete enlightment .
Arahant - The worthy one.
Arahat - refer to: Arahant.
arammana - sense objects, and object of consciousness (in Thai: ood, temper, emotion).
ariya - noble: 1. The Sublime Path of the Hole life 2. Ariya atthaangika magga, The Noble Eightfold Path.
ariya dana - the sublime or noble treasure.
ariya phala - fruition: 1. Sota patti phala, fruition of stream entry 2. Sakadagamiphala, fruition of once returning 3. Anagami phala, fruition of non returning 4 Arahatta phala, fruition of the worthy one or perfected one.
Ariya Sacca - Noble Truth.
asava - mental intoxication, defilement.
asura - demon, evil spirit.
Atta - Self, Ego.
Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva - great limitless compassionate one.
avijja - ignorance, nescience, not knowing better, delusion.
Bhavana - mental culture, development, the control and evolution of the mind, meditation .
Bhiku - Religious mendicant or friar of the order founded by Gotama Buddha.
bodhi - awakened wisdom.
Bodhidharma - 28th Indian ancestor, 1st Chinese ancestor.
Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma - the 37 qualities contributing to Enlightenment.
Bodhisatta - a Buddha to be, one who has resolved to attain Enlightenment for the helping of all sentient beings..
Bodhisattva - refer to: Bodhisatta.
Brahma - (in Hinduism, The Creator, The Universal Self); in Buddhism, a divine being of the Form Sphere or the Formless Sphere, Happy and blameless celestial beings, inhabitants of the higher heavens. .
Buddha - The Awakened One, The Enlightened one.
buddha-field - the field of consciousness created by the ideation of an enlightened being .
Buddho - a recitation of the Buddha, an example of a mantra.
Butsudo - refer to: Buddha.
Chinul - Korean Zen master .
Chogye - largest Korean Zen Buddhist sect.
citta - thought, thoughtfulness, active thoughts, mind, a state of consciousness .
dana - giving, gift, alms-giving, alms, generosity, charity, benevolence, liberality, donation .
deva - a shining one, god, deity.
Devata - refer to: deva.
Dhamma - refer to: Dharma.
Dharani - short sutras of symbolic syllables .
Dharma - element of existence; ultimate nature, reality, truth, existence; sacred law; duty; righteousness; the moral law.
Dharmakaya - the true nature of Buddha, transcendental reality, essence of the universe..
Dukkha - Suffering, misery, woe, pain, ill, sorrow, trouble, discomfort, unsatisfactoriness.
ekaggata - one-pointedness (of mind) concentration.
enlightenment - awakening.
gatha - A form of four-line verse sutra .
hondo - refer to: Buddha.
iddhi - success, psychic power.
Iddhipada - The Four Paths of Accomplishment.
jhana - meditation, trance, ecstasy, absorption, a state of serene contemplation attained by meditation .
kalpa - an aeon, world cycle.
kamma - A volitional action.
kammatthana - the act of meditation or contemplation, subjects of meditation exercises.
kandha - aggregate, category Pancakkhandha, The five Aggregates, The five causally conditioned elements of existence forming a being or entity, corporeality, feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness .
kappa - refer to: kalpa.
karma - universal law of cause and effect..
karuna - compassion.
khanti - patience, forebearance, tolerance, endurance.
kilesa - defilement, impurities.
Koan - "Public case", a pure presentation of the nature of ultimate reality..
Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva - savoir from the torments of hell..
kusala - wholesome, meritorious, good action, virtue.
kuti - an abode of a Buddhist monk or novice.
lobha - greed, covetousness.
mantra - power-laden syllable or series of syllables that manifest certain cosmic forces or aspects of a buddha.
meditation - practice that concentrates and clarifies the mind .
Nirmanakaya - the earthly body of a buddha..
nirvana - complete absorption into the undifferentiated ground of being; spiritual bliss .
paramita - "perfection", virtues perfected by a bodhisattva:
Also including:
right means
the Ten Powers
full knowledge of the true dharmas
prajna - wisdom of true mind .
Roshi - lit, "old teacher", Japanese, a Zen master samadhi .
samadhi - collectedness of the mind through gradual calming of mental activity..
Sambogakaya - body of buddha-paradise buddha.
sangha - the buddhist community - monks, nuns, novices, and lay followers .
Sariputra - one of the ten great disciples of Buddha, renowned for his wisdom. .
sesshin - days of especially intense, strict practice .
Shakyamuni - "Sage of Shayka", epithet of the historical Buddha.
skandha - the five aggregates, constituting what is generally known as the personality:
mental formations
Subhuti - a student of the Buddha, who was known for his loving kindness. .
sutra - discourses of the Buddha.
Tao - the way.
tathagata - nature of a buddha; one who has followed in the steps of his predecessors .
Tripitaka - canon of Buddhist scriptures .
Vajrachchedika-Prajnaparamita Sutra - the Diamond-Cutter sutra .
zazen - sitting meditation, taught in Zen as the most direct way to awakening..
Zen - meditative absorption in which all dualistic distinctions are eliminated. .

The glossary of zen and buddhism terms are gathered from the following authorized sources:
1. The Venerable Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo of Wat Sanghathan and the translation/editing of the Thai by Fuengsin Trafford and Simon Romer.
2. Steven Newton - Portland Zen Community (source "Glossary of Japanese Zen Terms" - Stan Rosenthal)


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