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  Suiwo, the disciple of Hakuin, was a good teacher. On a certain day a certain pupil came to him, and Suiwo gave him the problem, "Hear the sound of one hand." The pupil remained three years, but could not pass the test. One night he came... continue...

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For thousands of years, stories - inspiring, odd, humorous, off-centered - have awakened people's senses to their surrounding and within themselves. Here are a few for you to ponder.

1. A Buddha
2. A Speaker of The Way
3. After-death Existence & Belief to the Buddha
4. Breathing Practice
5. Chao-chou Asked for the Direction
6. Eshun and the Monks
7. Everyday Mind
8. Eyes Are Filled with Blue Mountains
9. Free From Imaging
10. Gudo and Mu-nan
11. He Who Perceives
12. Hoshin's Departure
13. How Is Suffering Created and How Is It Ceased?
14. How To Develop Your Faculties
15. I Hide Nothing From You
16. If Nothing Is Found There to Delight In,...
17. Inward View and Outward View
18. Is that so?
19. It's Used Everyday but Not Known
20. Just Follow the Flow.
21. Kan-feng's One Road
22. Man of Wisdom Does Not Realize Tao
23. Mountain and Water
24. Mountain Flowers Valley Streams
25. Nan-in and the Cup of Tea
26. No Other Form
27. Nothing Exists
28. Objectivity and Subjectivity
29. One Is Liberated By Nonclinging
30. Only When You Have Examined
31. Reality As It Is
32. Realize This and Grasp at Nothing
33. Rebirth by the Buddha
34. Returning with Empty Handed
35. Ryokan and the Thief
36. Shoun a Teacher of Soto Zen
37. Subhuti's Emptiness
38. Suiwo and the Sound of One Hand Clapping
39. Tanzan and the Girl on the Road
40. That Which Is Now
41. The Best Way to Live Independently
42. The End of the World
43. The Eye
44. The Great Waves
45. The Meaning of the Sutras and That of the Patriarch
46. The Middle Path
47. The Night Interview of the Nun Myotei
48. The Old Woman and a Monk
49. The Past, The Present and The Future
50. The Shining Mind
51. The Sound of Rain Drops
52. The Teaching Is Like A Raft
53. The Visible Nibbana
54. The Way Toward Liberation
55. There Is or There Is Not
56. To See Beyond This Conditioned World
57. To View Things As They Are
58. Undersatnding Zen
59. Wandering in the Mountain
60. What Is Called Ignorance?
61. What Is Not Buddha Dharma?
62. What Is The All?
63. What Is The World?
64. What Is To Know For?
65. What Is Your Original Face?
66. Where Did You Come From When You Were Born?
67. Where There Is Buddha, Do not Stay!
68. Who Is in the Well?
69. Who Is the One Who Does Not Know?
70. Why Didn't You Tell Me?
71. Why Is There Still Dust?
72. Yao-shan Ascended His Seat
73. You Monk Talkative


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